Audiovisual Engineering

Projects, technologies, products and services in the field of audiovisual engineering with advanced technology, providing specialized support installation, assembly, maintenance and repair, as well as updating on new scientific and technical developments.

Projects and installation

  • Digital Production networks.
  • Structured Cabling.
  • Earth Technology.
  • Comprehensive protections.
  • Public Audio system.
  • Lights Entertainment.
  • Grill lights.
  • TV studios.
  • Radio studios.
  • Mobile unit for Radio and Television.

Design and Production

  • 6u rack, 11U, 23U, 30U and 40U.
  • Skeleton 40u rack for Servers.
  • Support for TVs.
  • Supports Audio Monitors and TV.
  • Rack accessories (trays, panels, tables).
  • Speech tables.
  • Cabin racks tables.
  • Metal racks.
  • Handling of studio monitors.
  • Universal support for digital projectors.
  • Protected AC unit AC 110 P

Equipment repair and maintenance

  • Audio and Video consoles.
  • Recorders and players.
  • Camcorders.
  • Televisions.
  • Audio and video monitors.
  • Video distributors.
  • Dimmer lights.
  • LED lamps.
  • Measuring instruments.