Founded more than 30 years ago, in the 80s decade, with the main goal of satisfying the technical needs of Cuban Radio and Television.

Hayco has two main units:

  • Audiovisual Engineering Business Unit
  • Marketing Business Unit

Has acquired extensive experience in projects, installation and commissioning of audio system, lights, television studios, mobile units, structured cabling, comprehensive protection against lightning and surges, production equipment, technology furniture and more.

Extends its spectrum to important areas such as regional radio and television, tourism, medical equipment and cultural institutions.


Producing and marketing audiovisual equipment with advanced technology, providing specialized technical support after-sales service, which offers solutions to customers with professionalism and experience, concentrating efforts on the market for the Cuban Radio and Television, the tourism industry and cultural institutions.


Producers, traders and support for excellence ICRT audiovisual equipment, tourism and cultural facilities in the country, with a view to extending services to Central American and Caribbean area.