Comprehensive protection against lightning strikes and surges

Protecciones electricas

To protect electronic equipment both atmospheric discharges, overvoltage and electromagnetic interference protection staggered starting on PGD (General Distribution Panel) is implemented, this place comes the electrical connection that leaves the transformer bank and will Type I protection; a second step would be to protect the secondary distribution panels (in the places where they exist) with protection type II, and finally the direct protection in outlets where the equipment (terminal equipment), type III protection are connected. Thus the surge will fade to only reach the lower teams over voltage possible.

For this type of protection lightning current arresters and surge suppressors type of SPD (Surge Protective Devices) are fitted, every step of the supply, Red Line. In Type III protection is recommended AC units manufactured by the company HAYCO AC 110P.

For the protection of the external input and output lines either data, telephone networks, transmission lines and reception of audio and video; Universal downloaders are using Yellow Line designed for each type of service.

If the entity does not have protected against electrostatic discharges and transients, requesting an REPORT ranging from the need for arrester, technological connection to the land, levels of protection against lightning strikes and surges, ground network technology, maintenance and everything regard to the electrical state of the installation.