Installing and Technology about Digital Production Networks

Non Lineal Edition Station

In the transition to digitalization of local television , from the project "Digital Island", developed in the pioneering of "Isla Visión"  on the Isle of Youth, "Perla Visión" on Cienfuegos and "Tele Cubanacan" on Villa Clara. They are deployed on desktop computers, by incorporating the cards and equipment necessary to fulfill their specific roles in the production process of programming the Telecentre.

This was an option that has low cost, intended move from the current analog process towards digitization processes, maintaining the vitality of the telecenters, covering the following systems:

Ingest Stations: Digitizing video materials stored on tape in different formats, by typing the storage systems and the multimedia produced digitally from outdoor cameras or other source.

Non Lineal Edition Stations: Programs from audiovisual material are produced, with the participation of journalists, editors, producers and directors until the project be finished and be ready for transmit, be stored or be avaiable for future broadcasts in the national television.

Storing Stations: Arrangements redundant hard drives where audiovisual archives are stored. You can be On Line storage, if it is to work immediately, or Near Line for completed projects.

Character Generator and Graphics Stations: The graph to audiovisual material and information that you wish to insert in live programs performed.

Broadcast Server: In the list of programs that will be broadcasts (Play Out), with established schedules and programming it is done.